YGOPRO – New Theme Byssted DECK | Darkwing Blast

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“Byssted” (ビーステッド Bīsuteddo) is an archetype of LIGHT and DARK Dragon monsters which first debuted in Darkwing Blast.

“Byssted” is a portmanteau of “abyss” and “beast”. The Japanese name uses the kanji 「深淵の獣」, literally meaning “beast of the abyss”.

The Japanese names of the “Byssted” Special Summon Monsters use the same kanji, but it instead reads as “The Byssted” (in reference to the Beast of Revelation). The three Level 6 “Byssted” monsters may be a reference to the (which is known as the number of the Beast).


動画はこちら→ https://youtu.be/UHFvDUyzXGk